RIP Walter Amey!

Today BFA got the pleasure of celebrating Easter, but in the same morning we got to mourn during the placing of Walter Ameys’ Ghost Bike with several of his family members. We realized that the community has lost another friend to a senseless hit and run driver. RIP my friend, you’ll be remembered, never forgotten!!



Been a busy day at BFA. Finished Walters’ GB and will sadly place it with some of his family members tomorrow. Continued work on Shelleys’ and Andrews’ GB too! Added Shelleys’ and Walters’ decals to the “Bike of Angels.” RIP my friends & watch over us.

FOX 5 Interviews BFA!!

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Many thanks to Fox 5 and Kaitlyn Pratt for coming out today and getting a side of BFA not seen before. Hopefully this will continue the process of making our streets safer, 1 street at a time!! We also pray for the family and friends of our fallen friends in their time of sorrow.

A Somber Day!

Working on my friends GB’s, Walter and Shelley. Cutting out their stencils for name board. Their spoke decals should be in within the next couple of days. Also got a proof for the Paul Taylor Memorial Ride, details coming real soon! Also trying to get some details on Shelley’s ride and hopefully Andrews’ ride as well. Be safe my friends!!

Updated BFA Keyboard

Just added Timothy, Shelley & Walter to the BFA Keyboard

Just added Timothy, Shelley & Walter to the BFA Keyboard

Got final details on Paul Taylors’ Memorial Ride done. Will announce hopefully later within the next week. More work on Shelley & Walters’ Ghost Bikes & final details on Shelleys & Andrew Prays’ memorial rides coming!! RIP my friends!! We’ll always remember, never forget!!!