A Somber Day!!

As I woke this morning at 5:58 AM without an alarm, I quickly realized that on this day, exactly 1 year ago, about 1 mile from my house, a tragedy would occur that has changed a families life forever. Our friend Paul Taylor was taken from us and a person, that had 2 prior DWI’s and 2 wreck-less driving tickets was allowed to get away with running over a cyclist!!! The person, about a month later received his third DWI!!! I’m not sure if our system has given him his due, but something has to be done to STOP our system from allowing this kind of repeat behavior from ever occurring again!!! I’ve sadly placed over 10 ghost bikes in the north Georgia area alone in this year!!! That’s way too many folks!!! Please start by signing up for our friends memorial ride this Sunday, click here, and show the ATL we do matter!!! Also sign up for any ride of silence on the 15th!!! Let your voices be heard!!! Be safe my friends!!


RIP Our Dear Shelley!!

Spent the morning at Turner’s Corner Store in north Georgia placing Shelley Chesnuts’ Ghost Bike and remembering our dear friend!! I know she is watching over all of us and BFA plans to continue to raise awareness and fight to get Ga into the top 10 best cycling states in the USA in honor of all of our fallen friends!!!

Organizing the week!

After my daughters volleyball tournament ends today I’m getting my tools ready for Mondays ghost bike placement for Shelley Chesnut at Turners store just above Dahlonga. Then amongst the regular work week, we have the HOF induction on Wednesday and then the Paul Taylor Memorial ride next Sunday at 9 am! I hope to see you all for sure next Sunday! Pics as we go.  Be safe my friends