RIP Our Young Friend!!

Up early this morning to get a bike out to our youngest fallen rider, Chandler Weems! You’ll always be remembered, never forgotten!! I pray for his family and friends during this troubling time. Be safe my friends!!
Chandlers' Name Board

Chandlers' GB! RIP our friend!


A Great but Somber Day!!

Getting ready for a short and somber ride in Marietta where BFA will place 1 or 2 Ghost Bikes for some of our recent fallen riders! I pray it does make some automobiles to think and slow down some and be a bit more compassionate towards others!! The Bike of Angels will be on hand as a reminder of the state of carelessness on our roads. Please find a ride of Silence near you by going to Be Safe my Friends

Furthering OUR Conviction!!!

With many projects in the works, etc. A NEW LOGO, possibly some white printed t-shirts for memorial rides and printed media to help spread the word, I just earlier this evening got off the phone with one of the friends of one of our recent fallen riders that I have a ghost bike for!! We both agreed that the compassion that I have for these family and friends is the reason I still build the GB for our fallen. Another reason is that if these bicycling advocacy groups that exist have done such a great job of getting our voices heard then why are so many of our fallen friends “accidents” being investigated so poorly or with a grain of salt?? I echoed his frustration and let him know that his friend wasn’t the first, that there’s many others that have been treated, sadly, the same poor investigative way!!! I promised him that BFA will be heard sooner than later and that WE must get on this band wagon now and not settle for anything short of being treated fairly!!! I’ll keep everyone updated, but until then we must show up to any and all Memorial rides in the North Georgia area and let our voices be seen and heard!!! BFA and the “Bike of Angels” will be placing 2 GB’s for our recent fallen friends next Wednesday the 15th in Marietta. PLEASE BE THERE TO LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!!! Be safe my friends!!

Driven by Angels!!

BoA pre Paul taylorPre Paul Taylor ride
I want to thank the 15 or so riders that braved the wet conditions and threw out any excuses to show up & let their voice be heard at the 1st Annual Paul Taylor Memorial Ride!! I continue to pray that all people around the north Georgia area will get rid of their political correctness and worrying about what’s best for each individuals small area. Think bigger, listen to your heart, do what’s right!! Sure there are some good bike advocacy groups, help as many as possible. If you feel BFA is a place that costs you $0 then follow our FB fan page and make sure to pass us on to our friends!! I sincerely pray everyone gets on board and we get our voices heard before I come to your neighborhood for the reason of placing of a GB!! Be safe my friends!!!

Silent ride a memorial to slain cyclists-May 15th!!

This year’s Ride of Silence, which annually honors bicyclists who were injured or killed in accidents involving cars, will take place to remember two riders who recently died in Marietta.

via Silent ride a memorial to slain cyclists.

BFA honoring 2 fallen friends on the Marietta Ride of Silence!! We’ll always remember, never forget!!