As I sit here finishing a video for the Andrew Pray ride I can only be in awe of the growth that BFA has gone from and to and only to think where we’ll be in the next 12 months!!! Over 500 followers in about a year!! Many times I wonder if I’m doing this in the right/correct way, but I quickly remember that whatever I do is totally from the heart and above all else, my heart & voice, is the reason I began BFA! To get everyone’s voices to be heard shouldn’t take a ton of money it just takes someone to unite those voices! Please stay tuned for a 1 year anniversary video including all our fallen friends. Also watch channel 5 on Comcast at 6:30 pm June 6th for a special on BFA!! A replay schedule will be posted here later. Be safe my friends!!


RIP My Friend Andrew Pray!!

Enjoyed sharing the road with great cyclists as we remember Andrew Pray along with all of our fallen friends!! Please “LIKE” our FB page Bikefriendlyatl to help us out! Thanks and be safe my friends. More photos and a video to come.