Many have asked me why? When the surgeon says after 5 hours “you’re the lucky one, I’ve seen people with less injuries come in with a sheet over them!” You connect with those less fortunate every time there’s a fallen rider!! I certainly would have wished that my friends would have done the same for me!!! Build me a GB and work to make this place better for us all, in their honor!! That is why I’ll never forget, not 1 of our fallen friends!! Show your commitment by coming out to the Ghost Bike Rack Dedication on March 15th and buy a BFA jersey with all of our fallen friends names on the back!!! Here’s a video reminder!! RIP My Friends!!!


Let The World Know….

your friend, loved one or simply that you feel that our fallen friends lead us in the fight for fair treatment of cycling victims!!!! Get your BFA Jersey(which has almost all our fallen friends listed on the back) and other cycling items and  show the world you care!!! Your items will be shipped directly to you. At the close of the store, everyone will be charged whatever the volume discount dictates! The price listed will be the highest price an item will be, it will only get cheaper as people buy more of that item. Here’s the BFA Store Link:

Stayin’ Busy!!

A lot of projects on the table, ALL IN HONOR OF OUR FALLEN FRIENDS & THEIR FAMILIES!!! A big thanks to Audrey Galex at AIB TV for including BFA in a recap of stories from this past year!!!  Check AIBTV.com for air times/days of AIB Metro during this month.  Stay tuned for more updates!!

Grinding Hard…

For our fallen friends and their families!!! Pulling and getting help from a couple of close friends to hopefully get a ride & dedication, date/time finalized along with the flyer, so all of BFA’s followers can pass it along to help the State of Georgia become a safer place to ride 1 street at a time!! Also getting the final touches on items to be added to the BFA store(I make no profit from sales, it makes it cheaper the more we order) so we can hopefully have our items by the first Ghost Bike Rack Dedication!! Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available,


Lose Your License For a Minor Hit-&-Run Under New Proposal!!!!!

Scumbags who run from the scene of serious accidents face jail time, the loss of their licenses and, if they’ve been drinking or getting high, probable DUI cases. For now “serious” means death or bodily injury.

But minor scrapes mean a hit-&-run driver faces minor consequences. Until now!!! Read more, click link below…

Lose Your License For a Minor Hit-&-Run Under New Proposal | The Informer | Los Angeles | Los Angeles News and Events | LA Weekly.