What’s This??

BFA will always remember our fallen friends, and we for sure know what the white bikes are/stand for, DO YOU? cilick the link below



RIP My Friend!!!


Sometimes there might not be anything anyone could have done to prevent a fallen friend. Still BFA feels the pain and still prays with/for the family and friends during their time of sorrow. Hopefully what we do doesn’t offend anyone, but as usual just let us know your feelings and we’ll always be listening!! RIP Larry Steward!! BFA will always remember you, never forget you!!!

I’m Sorry!!!

Sorry folks, our record on rehabbing people is horrendous!!! I’m so tired of hearing about how “bad” he’ll feel for the rest of his life!! BS!!! 2 months from now this kid won’t even remember!!! Punishment is the only way we’ll get safer streets for all!!! Our prayers go out to the 4 killed and their families!! I hope this kids picture along with his parents hang forever in the post office as a WANTED POSTER FOREVER!!!
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