RIP Chase!!!

This is why I say No amount of $$ will make you whole!! Unless the penalties for distracted driving get more severe it won’t be reduced!!! We must hold people acountable!!! No ones life is worth more than another!!! RIP CHASE!!


How do The Penalties Differ??

Click the link below to see the staggering statistic of where the USA comes in next to last in making a difference in changing/improving road saftey!!! Could it be that our penalties are non existent or are not enforced when a cyclist is hit/killed? What are your thoughts??

Where Has BFA Been??

Just updated the BikeFriendlyAtl Google Maps that show you where all our fallen friends left us and the green bikes are where BFA Ghost Bikes are/were located!! Just click the link and zoom in!!,-81.375732&spn=5.392111,10.821533