Thank You WTOC!

Early this November BFA rolled to Guyton, Ga to place another ghost bike for Deborah Wilkowski. Over a dozen of her friends came out to remember her and to remind everyone that We can use this road together and get along better! Thanks to Tesia Reid and WTOC for their coverage. I hope and pray I get to go to this beautiful city again under better circumstances one day! Be safe all!


RIP My Little Angel!

There are times in our lives when we simply must just sit down, stop what you’re doing for a few moments, and say a heart felt prayer for another family. Well today is that day in the BFA following, please say a prayer for the Anthony Navarro family on this Thanksgiving. Anthony lost his son 5 years ago and is, what I consider my brother in this fight to make our streets safer. Praying for everyone to have a very thankful day especially the Navarro family.