RIP My Friend…


I’m sure your family and friends still miss you since it has only been a coupe of years, it’s sad that our society doesn’t fix this broken part! Praying for you and all our fallen friends!


Still Committed….

Hello all,

Taking some advice from a friend that’s someone that I really trust in the Tech field. He is very aware of what Bikefriendlyatl, Inc does and recommended that I upgrade the url from .com to .org! I’ve already bought the and linked it to the site so until March 19 both will work. After March 19 will become Bikefriendlyatl.ORG! I honestly pray that there will be no more ghost bikes needed in the southeast, but with the way the 3′ law is enforced(isn’t) , the way automobile/bicycle crash sites are investigated and crash citations are given “as they are needed”, I’ll sadly be busier then I have been! Let’s pray not!¬† Thanks Jeffrey!