RIP my Friend…

I remember Larry’s friend getting the most beautiful flowers for his ghost bike. It still saddens me to this day that we can’t slow people down enough to care about others. RIP my friend, I’ll never forget you!


RIP my dear…

It seems like yesterday. I was contacted by a gentleman that stated he’d been on a ride and a woman on the ride had been hit and killed. He wasn’t sure off the details of the investigation but wanted to get her a ghost bike and place it somewhere it would have the best chance of lasting. I built it and meet him at Rutgers Corner Store there in Dahlonega, Ga. We chatted with Seth, the owner of the site, and he said he’d be honored to have Shelley’s ghost bike mounted to the front of the store. So we mounted it to the post. I still pray for the Chesnut family and her riding friends. Please be safe all.

Too Often!

This is becoming an epidemic in our society! We license literally most of the drivers that apply without getting them to understand the penalties for distracted driving/killing someone due to this! Or wait maybe there really isn’t much of a penalty for KILLING SOMEONE WITH A CAR! WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS BEFORE IT WILL GET BETTER! No ONE HAS SEEN THIS MORE THEN ME!


Oak Ridge bicyclist ID’d in fatal crash

If you read the article, it goes sadly, as these articles normally go, ut then the word weighing whether to file charges is disturbing to me. If you’re going to drive a vehicle, you must do it responsibly or face all responsibility for your actions! We don’t need no one else’s opinion! Simply issue citations for all laws broken and levy the penalties. If they aren’t in accordance then the system needs to be updated!!!
Authorities have identified an 85-year-old former physician and local travel writer as the bicyclist killed in an Oak Ridge traffic collision Sunday.

Source: Oak Ridge bicyclist ID’d in fatal crash