You’ll never Be Forgotten….

I write/post this at the moment my heart sunk for the first of 52 times for someone I’d never met! At 7:22 am April 30, 2012 I had returned home after a morning ride with the 6AM@THEARCHES group and received an email checking to see if we all had made it home ok. Our group had but there had been a cyclist fatality on N. Decatur Rd, and the call went out by our group leader Andrew to start a ghost bike for this person. Little did I know that Paul Taylor would be the first recipient of what is now known as Bikefriendlyatl, Inc and we truly remember and care that the voices of our fallen echo to all advocacy groups that the investigations of crash sites isn’t done fairly. The laws broken aren’t cited a lot of the time, and the speeding has gotten worse while running red lights and stop signs is out of control! These things must get better before any paint will make us feel safer! One day I’ll ride and chat with you my friend! I wish I had a way to get you back as with all our fallen! But until we meet again, Miss you daily!


RIP My Young Friend…

I’ll never forget you or your family…

I placed this young mans ghost bike without knowing the exact location of the crash. As it turned out it was by the grace of God that we were very close. A few months after the placing the DOT was picking it up and Mrs Weems asked them where it was to be taken! She met them there, got the bike and asked the land owner where the crash took place coould she place it there with a small memorial for Chandler. He gladly said yes and Mrs Weems decorates it during the year for our friend Chandler! RIP my friend, we’ll never forget you!!

Signs that It’s The Right Thing!!

I had a gentleman that wanted to donate a bike seat in my early days of BFA, so I went across town to pick it up. After meeting him at the front of a Home Depot he started asking questions about the supplies I used for each ghost bike. The chains, locks, paint, steel wool, etc. As we chatted we would go to the section of the store that the supplies were in and loaded a lot of each in a basket. At the end upon checking out he said “I got this, it’s the least I can do for your belief in your cause!” The above left pic was the back of my car with the supplies! Then again today another gentleman that doesn’t even cycle dropped this letter on my table at the Pickleball league I help run at a local business. In both of these cases I wasn’t asking for donations but they see the determination and conviction in this cause to make our place/streets safer for all! Thanks fellows, the family and friends of our fallen are thankful as well! We will make a difference!