RIP Our Friend!

306Shane Chaplan


Silent No More!

Been trying to do more than simply build ghost bikes when needed for our fallen friends and their families, now going to get together on the bike with some/any fellow riders and try to raise more awareness in what we’ll call “We Won’t Be Silent” rides! Please come sign in on the event listed on the FB-Bikefriendlyatl, Inc fan page and bring a short story of a friend that ¬†you or someone still misses to this day! Also be thinking of what/how we can make our pace(s) better! I’ll accept donations to BFA, which are tax deductible and be selling BFA fallen friends t-shirts as well! Hope to see ya’ll at one of our rides, We won’t remain silent, in honor of all our fallen friends!

Cyclist’s death still under investigation – The Pike County Journal-Reporter

An investigation into the May 7 death of Henry Wellmaker is ongoing and awaiting toxicology reports from the GBI crime lab for the driver of the truck who hit and killed Wellmaker. According to investigator Maj. David N

via Cyclist’s death still under investigation – The Pike County Journal-Reporter.