Silent No More!

Been trying to do more than simply build ghost bikes when needed for our fallen friends and their families, now going to get together on the bike with some/any fellow riders and try to raise more awareness in what we’ll call “We Won’t Be Silent” rides! Please come sign in on the event listed on the FB-Bikefriendlyatl, Inc fan page and bring a short story of a friend that ¬†you or someone still misses to this day! Also be thinking of what/how we can make our pace(s) better! I’ll accept donations to BFA, which are tax deductible and be selling BFA fallen friends t-shirts as well! Hope to see ya’ll at one of our rides, We won’t remain silent, in honor of all our fallen friends!



2014-03-15 10.21.34

Truly blessed to have the City of Decatur behind this movement after the first Paul Taylor Ghost Bike was stolen!!! Many more photo’s coming with video too!! Thanks again to the Taylor & Weems families that came out and saw the support of about 40-50 people!! Thanks again to Fred Boykin and Hugh Saxon and the City of Decatur for getting this Ghost Bike Rack and placing it in a great location in honor of all our fallen friends!!! Lastly many prayers for the Shelly Chesnut and Walter Amey families as they go thru the first years anniversay of probably the worst day of their families life!! BFA is praying for you!!


s usual, BFA remembers a friend only gone from us 1 year!! RIP Dear Shelley, we’ll always remember, never forget you!! BFA will also be in Decatur, Ga at 10 AM for a Ghost Bike Rack Dedication for all our fallen friends and families. There’ll also be an 8 mile Ride for our Fallen Friends Ride following the Dedication. Be safe friends!!

A Earth Map of the Dedication!!!

DECATUR Earth view

For those coming to the Ghost Bike Rack Dedication on Saturday, here’s a Google Earth view of Downtown Decatur, with a few places to park, a red star where the Dedication and Ghost Bike Rack will be located. There is also metered parking along most streets in Decatur so you might want to arrive a few minutes early. Looking at the map the Ride for Our Fallen friends will leave to the left(west) and return from the right(east). I hope everyone can make it, For our families sake!!!