Memorial Rides

Please join us in celebrating Paul Taylor, our fallen friend, on a 15 mile no-drop ride by his Ghost Bike, Peidmont Park and ending at the Dancing Goat in Decatur. We’ll pass the hat to raise money for soccer scholarship to the Chiefs FC East club where Paul coached! Please click this link, PAUL TAYLOR MEMORIAL RIDE ,and then click the join button to ride with this event/movement! More details on the route CLICK HERE. Be safe my friends.


This page I hope never or rarely gets used, but we use a memorial ride to help those friends left here on earth to remember those fallen friends that have moved on to better/safer streets above. We also hope that a memorial ride connects to the automobile public to share the road responsibly and helps everyone to get along better!!

BFA will help any memorial ride with the presence of a Ghost Bike as often as possible.

BFA will organize Unorganized memorial rides for any of our needed fallen friends whenever possible/needed/requested. Please leave a comment if your fallen friend needs help with a ride.


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