RIP My Friend…..

There I was, teaching some kids and wearing a BFA T-shirt that had this heart on the back that has all our fallen friends listed. The BFA logo was on the front and they asked what the logo stood for? I explained what Bikefriendlyatl does and then one of the kids said, “my soccer coach was killed several years back, is his name on your shirt?” I told her there was a 99% chance that it was and that if she knew his/her name I knew whether it was on there! She started thinking and due to it being when she was 6-8 years old she was having a hard time remembering. I said, “how about a first name or initials?” She said “his initials were TJ” and before she could remember his last name I said Patillo! The girls were amazed that I knew his name and that it was on my shirt! I explained that for some reasons that I can’t explain, these people are a part of me and my every day life! Their mothers came to pick them up and were also set back at all the coincidences of this great man! RIP TJ and be assured that I’ll ride some with you one day, but until then I’ll never forget you and work in your honor until then buddy.


This was one of my longest drives/placements prior to 9/1/2014. Heard of this gentleman getting hit at the first trailhead on the Silver Comet Trail after entering Ga from Al. I placed this bike as usual, without anyone knowing about our friends final ride being placed. Sometimes I feel this is the best way! RIP my friend, I’ll ride with you sooner then later and we’ll chat about many ¬†things! Your family and friends miss you and we’ll never forget you!

Remembering Two Friends…

One of the out of state ghost bikes that BFA has placed was just north of Birmingham, Al for William Robertson. Driver veered off the road over the rumble strips and took our friend! Our other friend was taken near Peachtree Industrial when a driver swerved to miss one cyclist and hit another in 2004. Tony was an avid triathlete. There is now a Awesome ride in April in honor of Tony! Please attend and remember our friend every year! I pray for their families daily and will never forget them!


RIP dear friend, we’ll ride soon…

Hard to believe it was a year ago when I was contacted to do a ghost bike and place it for a teacher of a friend. The kind of man, leader, husband and father we all try to be was taken from a community in Florida. I answered without having to think about it because he was a teacher like my mom was. My heart and prayers are with Diane Pinke Wishart, Rebekah Wishart and family and friends on this sad day that will never go away. Rest assured Bikefriendlyatl, Inc well never forget this great man and we’ll ride with him soon on roads where people always give 3 feet and care about each other!

RIP my friend…


BikefriendlyAtl will always remember Charles. No one deserves to be hit by a vehicle and leave this earth that way. Cyclists can and should do more to be visible, ie. bright clothing, white and red flashing lights, but drivers should not ever drink under the influence and put their phones down while driving a car. RIP my friend, we’ll never forget you! FB-Bikefriendlyatl, Inc